Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Family Memories 2015-2016

 Fall Family Pics 2015
Mama's Boy FOR SURE!!
 Leader of the First Nine Weeks at school!!! 
With his teacher Ms. Charity Young
Jill and I are SO proud of him and all his accomplishments!

 Braden played Santa in his First Grade Class Play. He was in Mrs. Charity Young's class. 
He loved first grade and she was another wonderful teacher for him! 
We have been so blessed with GREAT teachers! 
 Christmas 2015- Spoiled Rotten!!
 My brothers are taller than me now!! Adam is living in Georgia and Blake is finishing up his degree at UK in Lexington. I am SUPER proud of them!! Just wish I could see them more!!
 We took Braden to his first WWE Raw in Evansville, IN.
He had a BLAST and was yelling with all the big boys. 
 Spring Break 2015 in Destin, FL. We just went with out family. It was a bit of a struggle not having other kids with us, but we still had some fun on the beach.
 I sure love this boy even though he drives me crazy!!
 Family Pic
 Ringmaster Braden in the School Play, Circus! Circus!
He's 8!!! So hard to believe how much he has grown up!! 
Mother's Day 2016
 Holiday World
 Our sweet new puppy Murphy at 17 weeks. He is such a cutie!! 
If we could get him house trained he would be even better!
The boys sleeping:)

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