Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Family Memories 2015-2016

 Fall Family Pics 2015
Mama's Boy FOR SURE!!
 Leader of the First Nine Weeks at school!!! 
With his teacher Ms. Charity Young
Jill and I are SO proud of him and all his accomplishments!

 Braden played Santa in his First Grade Class Play. He was in Mrs. Charity Young's class. 
He loved first grade and she was another wonderful teacher for him! 
We have been so blessed with GREAT teachers! 
 Christmas 2015- Spoiled Rotten!!
 My brothers are taller than me now!! Adam is living in Georgia and Blake is finishing up his degree at UK in Lexington. I am SUPER proud of them!! Just wish I could see them more!!
 We took Braden to his first WWE Raw in Evansville, IN.
He had a BLAST and was yelling with all the big boys. 
 Spring Break 2015 in Destin, FL. We just went with out family. It was a bit of a struggle not having other kids with us, but we still had some fun on the beach.
 I sure love this boy even though he drives me crazy!!
 Family Pic
 Ringmaster Braden in the School Play, Circus! Circus!
He's 8!!! So hard to believe how much he has grown up!! 
Mother's Day 2016
 Holiday World
 Our sweet new puppy Murphy at 17 weeks. He is such a cutie!! 
If we could get him house trained he would be even better!
The boys sleeping:)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Grade!!

Spring Break 2015

Posing for Mom

Lost First Top Tooth:)

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Mother's Day! Lost the other top tooth!

Braden graduated Kindergarten!!

Learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!

4th of July

Horseback Riding:)

We had a great summer! Full of family fun with horseback riding, swimming, grilling out and fun with family and friends. Now Braden is on to First Grade!!! His first two days have been really good. He likes his teacher and has quickly made new friends. I am so proud of how well he has done. He is growing up so fast! Way too fast for me! I am trying to enjoy all the moments along the way, even when he makes it difficult- LOL!! I love him to the moon and back and am lucky to be his mom!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Updates

Halloween 2014

Christmas at Mars' House 2014

One spoiled rotten kiddo:)

Christmas Photos 2014

Christmas Family Pic 2014
We loved the last photo so much! It really showed how happy we are as a family! 2014 was a great year, but we have a lot planned for 2015! Braden had a great Christmas this year. He got a Play Station 3 with the Disney Infinity game, several Nerf Guns, a Red Ryder BB gun from Uncle Brent, a scooter and cool mohawk helmet and so much more. He is one spoiled kid! 
Jill and I have always wanted a sibling for Braden, but due to my unhealthy experience with pregnancy we have been very worried about me trying to get pregnant again. Jill cannot get pregnant because she had a procedure done several years ago that prevents future pregnancy. So we have looked at several options and gone back and forth with lots and LOTS of prayer. We have finally decided that we have an undeniable calling to foster to adopt. We are slowly telling all of our friends and family and everyone has been very positive. We are only in the beginning stages but are excited about this next journey as a family and would greatly appreciate all the prayers we can get. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


A lot of changes happened over the summer! I interviewed for a new position at a different school and was offered the job and accepted. This meant that Braden and I would be changing schools because we are out of district for the school I spent the last 12 years teaching at. I was excited about the new opportunity, but very sad to leave all my co-workers/friends, students, and their families. I was also sad that Braden would have to do the same, when he just got comfortable at his current school. My new position was the Library Media Specialist at a different school in the same school district. It was a  BIG job getting the library ready like I wanted, but it looks GREAT! I am getting used to my new position and it is getting less stressful each week. Braden was not too thrilled at changing schools, but he is doing great and has made new friends. 

Another change, is that Braden lost his first tooth on August 30, 2014!! He was a little scared at first, but he was brave and let his Mimi pull it out for him. He was so excited that the tooth fairy brought him $5!!! I hear some of his other friends get more, but that is all this tooth fairy was willing to shell out:)

Then when he was eating a Twix with me in the library on Sept. 30, 2014. I looked at him and another tooth was missing! He didn't even realize that it fell out. Luckily, I found it on the floor and we were able to bring it home and put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy:) 

Fall Break we went to Evansville and stayed at a hotel that had a hot bub! Braden has been really into the hot tubs! He had a blast! We went to Chuck E. Cheese too so that was definitely a bonus for him:)

Every year we decorate our yard for Fall/Halloween.. Braden really likes doing this every year and so do we. Below is one of him posing with the decorations.

And the final one is a funny... I got a new shirt for my new library position. It says this is how I roll:)

Friday, January 17, 2014

It has been one crazy school  year! At first it was a big adjustment to have Braden at school with me, but we are doing much better now. We are finally in a routine and it is going really well for the both of us. Braden has learned so much this year. He is reading really well now. He is a beginning reader so I am not talking chapter books or anything but easy readers and Bob books. I am so proud of him! He also really likes math. He is a great little adder and amazes me every day! He has a bit of an attitude which he gets pretty honestly from Jill and I, but he really is a lover. He tells me he loves me probably 50 times a day, which I probably say just as much to him. We are always hugging and kissing, but I am told by many moms to enjoy this because a day will come that I am the last person he will want to kiss and hug. I hope that does not ring true for him because this momma needs his sweet hugs! He tells me I am special and important to him and that he loves our family. He is still sleeping with me, which is okay for our faimily because Jill wouldn't sleep with me anyway since she can't stand my snoring- lol! Braden and I share the best conversations right before we fall asleep that I will cherish for the rest of my life. He tells me he wants to marry me and live with me forever. I remind him that one day he will meet someone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and he will move away from me. He has a hard time believing this, but I just smile realizing that time is going so fast and this will really happen before I know it! The other day he was talking about a girl he likes in his class saying that he might marry her but he wasn't sure. I said,  "Honey you are only 5 years old you do not have to decide right now." He just cracks me up sometimes. I want to remember these sweet conversations for ever! I hope by writing some things down that I will look back on these posts and it will remind of these sweet times. I am so blessed to be him Mom and I thank God for him every day! Here are some pics to share from this school year...
Chloe's Birthday Costume Party 

At the school carnival 

 Fall Break in Fort Walton

 I love this one! Sweet kisses!

Our Family October 2013

 Braden and his cousin Chloe on a sandbar

 In his Uncle Jamie's wedding

 Halloween 2013

 My little Native American 

 Mimi and B on a snow day!

Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!!!!

 Braden's First Day of Kindergarten at the school I work at. I love to have him with me everyday!!

 Isn't he a cutie!

Braden and his teacher, Mrs. Lindow. 

Braden had a rough start to school this year. He was crying and would not go in his room. I asked the principal to help me and she got him in the room, but he hid behind the door and would not come out. After about 5-10 minutes she was able to get him to his seat and he started coloring. I checked in on him throughout the day and he was doing better. Then after lunch he would not go to the carpet with the group, I had a little talk with him and he went to the carpet- lol!! After school was a bit rough too, he was so tired and ready to go home that he would just not listen to me or anyone else. So we cancelled ice cream with his aunt and uncle until, he could have a better day. The second day was much better! After A LOT of talking to by his Mimi and me the night before. He has been doing great and his teacher has been giving him lots of compliments! We took him to get ice cream and he was so excited!! He topped his ice cream with a little bit of everything!!! I am glad that we are on the right track!! We are very proud moms!!